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TopMedClinic.com is an informative resource, which provides information about medical treatment and health improvement abroad. Our company offers Marketing solutions for clinics and medical companies. We select the corresponding package for presentation of clinic individually for each partner.

Why TopMedClinic

  • TopMedClinic is a professional medical resource and leading medical tourism guide in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • Since 2012, TopMedClinic has been providing consulting services in searching for medical treatment abroad, and offering marketing solutions to hospitals to promote their services in Russia and the CIS.
  • We are located in Russia and we know the specific attitudes and needs of Russian-speaking patients.
  • TopMedClinic is the official information partner of leading tourism exhibitions in Russia.
  • TopMedClinic achievements have been noted by the Russia Federal Agency for Tourism.
  • We work with hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, concierge and medical assistance services.
  • We know what services are in demand, how to show your strengths, and what the Russian-speaking patients require and need.
  • We provide comprehensive services. We have specialists in all areas of marketing: SEO, SMM professionals, marketers, designers, web analysts, and programmers.

Marketing solutions for clincs and Medical Assist Companies

More than 10,000 Russians travel abroad for medical treatment per year. Usually they need medical checkups and other prevention methods of serious diseases. Over the years, we have become a professional guide in the world of medical services abroad for most insurance companies, doctors and hospitals, medical companies, travel agents etc.

If you want to:

  • Promote your company
  • Enlarging of your contact database
  • Establishing contacts at the highest level
  • Increasing the amount of patience
  • Entering the Russian and CIS Medical Tourism Market
  • Professional team support

Our services:

Our audience:

Medical assist companies, insurance companies, VIP travel companies, medical diagnosic centers, consierge companies, doctors and patients who are focused on treatment in a particular clinic or country.